Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Harry Potter studios

Hey guys! On Monday, my parents took me and my sister on a "mystery tour." These are things we have done since we were little, they take us somewhere but do not tell us where we are going. As you can see by the title, this time our mystery tour was to the Harry Potter studios in London! After a rather long journey from Leeds to London, the first thing we did was grab some lunch. I had a goats cheese salad. After that we signed into our hotel (premier inn) and we drove to the studios! As a massive Harry Potter fan, this was one of the most exciting things ever. We were greeted by a familiar scene in the enterence of the flying car, and got these little books to fill in.
After we were talked to and watched a quick clip on a cinema, we walked into the great hall.

I couldn't get over how all of these were the real costumes, props and sets used in the films!
We then entered a large room, with lots of different sets which featured in the film. Including clothes from the Yule Ball

The Boys Dormitory
 Costumes, the fat lady and the giant clock

Some of my personal favourites included the Burrow, Dumbeldoors office, Potiens classroom and Gryffindoor common room. Not forgetting Hagrids hut and the chamber of secrets.

There are the scarier scenes of course...

Within this there was also the oppertunity to ride a broom, which me and my sister did and it was so much fun! The pictures were expensive but worth it so I would recommend doing that! We also had the chance to learn some dueling moves which was so much fun!

There were some other scenes too, ministry of magic, Hogwart Express, Privet drive, Diagon Ally and more costumes! There was also a massive model of Hogwarts which was absolutely amazing.

There was so much more to see too, so much that I could possibly show you it all! There was a massive bit about the makeup and face d├ęcor and of course, I helped myself to a butter beer too which was delicious!
I would recommend going if you can, there is so much to buy too and I got a large teeshirt to wear as a nightie! You can buy all the confectionery mentioned in the book and so much memorabilia, even wands!
Have you been? What did you think?
Tomorrow I am going on holiday for a week, so I will be back next week with pictures and what I got up to!
Lots of Love,
Eleanor x

Sunday, 26 July 2015

dancing, parties and pjays

Hey guys! So on Monday of this week something very sad happened as it was my last ever ballet lesson! I have done ballet at the same place for 15 years but since i am moving to uni in September, i will no longer be able to continue. It was sad leaving a place i have been since i was a child but i have no doubt that i will be back!

Also monday night, i went to my friends house for a party, which had lots of people there who i had not seen for some time. We had a big fire which is a tradition and we had pizza! 

On thursday, i went to IKEA and had a look round with my mum and sister. I adore IKEA im not sure if thats a strange thing to love! I like walking round and picking what id like to have in my house. Plus the flowers and lights are always pretty. I also grabbed lunch there before i went to the gym.

After gym i went to my friends house where we got into our pjays and into bed. We stayed their pretty muvh for the next twenty four hours. The only times we got up was for a full English breakfast as a brunch friday morning and a curry friday night! It was nice to have a relaxing day and a half as i have not seen her for over two weeks as she has been on holiday! We watched "what we did on our holiday" which was a good film and then we watches the three episodes of married at first sight!

On Saturday, in order to clense after my day of being lazy, i went on a walk with my family to the resivour we went to a few weeks ago. We stopped half way round in the little cafe and I had a jacket potato and half a flapjack!

Today, I am blogging and baking before my boyfriend and his parents come round for some nibbles and drinks!

Hope you enjoyed this! Lots of love
Eleanor x

Monday, 20 July 2015

Mum and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary weekend

Hey guys! This weekend was quite exciting as it was my parents 25th wedding anniversary party. My parents hired out the everyman cinema in Leeds, which is one of those cinema's with comfy chairs in. Saturday morning, I woke up and cooked some food for the family dinner we were having on Sunday. I made a black rice salad, which is black rice and some roasted pine nuts and I made a beatroot chocolate cake.
When my parents and sister returned, we went and checked into the Hilton Hotel, where we met upwith my aunty and uncle and cousins who were also staying there. As went upstairs to see our rooms, myself and my sister were sharing a room together.

It was then time to get ready! Me and Heather were the last two to get ready and we hurried to the executive lounge where we were meeting. After we had had a drink, we went to the everyman cinema which was just opposite the hotel. Gradually people arrived and it was lovely seeing people I had not seen for a while there! Lots of friends and family came. There was also a little balcony which was lovely!

We were also greeted by free glasses of preseco! When people had arrived, we watched the film. We watched "a shot in the dark" which is very funny. We took an interval were we ate some little canape's which were delicious! They had these fantastic little yorkshire puddings which I loved.
We then watched the second half of the film. alongside some surprise popcorn!
We then milled around while people drifted off, until there were a few of us left on the balcony enjoying some (maybe more than some) drinks. We then (slightly stumbeling) walked back to the hotel.

The next morning, we had breakfast in the hotel. I had four pastries and a yoghurt. I was so tired! We had opened all the presents my parents recived in their hotel room the night before, and had not slept untill 3 in the morning. We were up at an ungodly time of half eight with slight hangovers.
My cousins left and went home but my aunty and uncle came round. As did another aunty and uncle and my grandad and his friend and two of my mums friends. We then enjoyed a lovely lunch at my house consisting of things I and my mum and prepared the day before. Gradually they went home and my boyfriend came around later on and we watched the following film to the one we watched at the cinema!

I hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Picnics, smoothies and Salts Mill

Hey guys! This last few days have been fairly quiet actually, I have not done an awful lot although my computer keeps turning itself off which is not good! On Friday I with my dad and sister to golden acre park again! This time we had a picnic in the park (well a meal deal in the park!)

I was also sent the accident season, which is a book by Moira Fowley-Doyle which I am really excited to read. I will be uploading a review of it on my main blog this Friday.

On Saturday after going to the gym I went to see my boyfriend who has come back from his holiday! It was very lovely to see him again and we decided to go and grab a smoothie from a shopping centre near to where he lives. I got a triple berry smoothie and it was so yummy! I also got some Reese's chocolate cups which I have been wanting to try for ages and finally got some!

On Sunday, I went to Salts mill to get a present for my dancing teacher. I absoluley love salts mill, it's amazing. It has amazing art work and a book shop and antique shop and I would thoroughly recommend it as it has to be one of my favourite places in Leeds.

Hope you enjoyed!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x