Thursday, 27 August 2015

Walking the dog, picnics and the Handmade burger co

Hey guys! On Thursday it was my sisters results day and after finding out she did very well she went up to our grandads with my mum. I on the other hand went to my boyfriends where we went to a park to walk his sisters dog. We bought ice lollies and walked past all the ducks in their little houses! Later on, we went to give the dog back to his sisters and we went to the pub with his sister and her fiancée!

On Sunday we took a trip to see our ancestors graves. My mum is researching her family tree and we have traced it right back, managing to find some in the Yorkshire dales. After, we had a picnic in the car before walking around the area in the dales. It was really sunny and warm and we grabbed an ice-cream in the park while listening to the band play.

On Tuesday night, myself and my boyfriend decided to go to the handmade burger co for tea! You can see my complete review here I ordered a delicious sweet potato and bean burger which was amazing!
Afterwards we got a massive crepe from a different place! It was strawberry and nutella with whipped cream on top and it was amazing! So filling and I am glad we only got one between the two of us!
What have you been up to lately?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Scarecrow fest, coffee with friends, new blogs and my sisters birthday

Hey guys! On sunday I went with my family to the scarecrow festival which is in Kettlewell. It's been a few years since I have been and I love it so much. The village get together and make a trial of scarcrows with letters, and when you collect all the letters you have to assemble them into a word. This year the theme was musicals and so there were many clues about musical themed scarecrows that we had to guess then find with their letters. Of course there were many other scarecrows too that the people of the village had made for fun. These were some of my fave!

When we had finished and were thinking about what the musical was from the letters, we stopped in a little cafe and I had a beautiful hot chocolate and a scone with cream and jam!

On Monday, I met up with my gym friend who had been on holiday for two weeks and after yoga we went to costa and had a catch up! We were in there for an hour, long after I had finished my small skinny cinnamon latte (my fave btw.) It was lovely to see him again!
Later on on monday, I set up a new blog! You can find it here and it is a cooking/recipe blog. I also set up an instagram account called littleblogsfromlittlepeople and there is a link to it at the side of this post!

On Wednesday, it was my sisters birthday. We tried out this new fast food healthy eating place which was delicious and I will post a full review on my food blog at some point! I got turkey meatballs and quinoa with courgette noodles and it was so tasty!

 Then later on one of my friends and her sister (who is also best friends with my sister) came round for a rather less healthy Indian takeaway, sleepover and a movie! We watched Kingsman which is one of my fave films it's so funny!
What have you been up to?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hanging off rocks, results day and cream tea

Hey guys! This week has been pretty stressful for a lot of people, myself included as it was results day! I will come onto that later. Earlier in the week, myself and my boyfriend took a trip to Chevin Park in Otley. It was not as warm as we would have liked however the place was absolutely huge! So easy to get lost in which of course we did and ended up being late home! There was this large rock too which hung out over the hill which had the most fantastic view but was a little bit too high up for my liking!

There were also these wood carvings dotted around which we enjoyed posing next to!

On Thursday it was of course the dreaded results day. Unfortunately, I did not do as well as expected and did not get into my first choice of university. I am very disappointed and worried however I am going to Nottingham Trent University which I have heard good things about and was my insurance choice, plus I am going psychology which was the course I wanted to do. Not all is lost and I am excited to start university in five weeks! After my results, mum took me and my sister out for a an afternoon tea as they are probably my fave things in the world! It truely did not disappoint, with a amaretto latte (not tea I am afraid to say!) and lots of delicious things to eat. Little sandwhiches and cakes and my all time favourite, a beautiful scone with lots of jam and clotted cream! Yum!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What have you been up to? How did your results go?
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Bridlington and Ilkley

Hey guys! On Sunday I went to Bridlington with my boyfriend and family. Brid is probably the nearest seaside town to us and it was lovely, despite it not being as warm as I would have liked! We had a picnic on the beach, consisting of sandwich's and pork pies and my own home-made scones and coconut cream and strawberry jam, all made by me! We played a game my boyfriend made up with his family called "plopsy." You use the balls from the boules set and dig four holes, hole one is worth 5 points, 2= 10 3=15 and 4=20 points. When you get to 80 or above 80, the next one you have has to be the exact hole. For example if you are on exactly 80, you have to get the 20 hole to win the game. If you are on 90, you would have to get the 10 whole to win. It was very simple but lots of fun! We also played frisbee.

As we were getting quite chilly, we then walked into Brid itself, I got a large hot chocolate which was very filling but delicious! After this we went home, most of us slept in the car!

On Monday (thats today for me!) Me and by boyfriend decided to take a trip to Ilkley after dinner. We took a flask of tea (for him) and a smoothie (for me) and some malteeser chocolate! After Luke failing miserably to teach me to skim rocks, we sat down on the field and ate our snacks. When it got a bit chilly, we headed back to the car and decided to take a trip to get some chips from Macdonalds!

It has been a really lovely evening and now I am going to write out some blogs for this week before hitting the sack and reading! Have a goodnight guys
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Hey guys! This is the second part of my holiday about my time in Stratford! I hope you enjoy.

After the drive from Cardiff to Stratford we unloaded into our new hotel. It had a lovely setting right on the river. The novelty about this hotel is that its twin hotel opposite had a swimming pool which we could use. Me and my sister were itching to get into the pool and after a nice quick swim and a trip into the steam room, we went to get something to eat and settled on Cafe Rouge. We then went back to the hotel.

In the morning, we got up and went for a delicious breakfast in Carliccios. I had porridge which was so nice.

 We then went on a boat ride across the river which was a little cold as the weather could not make its mind up!
We then took a trip to Shakespeare's grave which was interesting to see.
After, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the thing we had been waiting for, to see Othello! I have never studied it in school and had next to no clue about what it was about. But like all Shakespeare plays I find myself easily picking up what is happening and enjoying it! I have seen a few of his plays now and read more, and I am looking forward to the next time I am able to see one.

For our last full day in Stratford we visited Anne Hathaway's house which was a little walk out of Stratford to get to it. It was a beautiful day however so I did not mind, plus the gardens were fantastic.

We then headed back for a swim and then to have dinner!

On Thursday morning, we packed our bags sadly as we were leaving. We had one last wander around the shops and picked up bits and pieces we wanted. We had our lunch in a lovely tea-shop we had discovered and I had a smoked salmon salad with a teapot of mango and strawberry tea. ( in the picture it is the ham salad I had a few days before at the same place! That time though I had Cinnamon and Cherry tea which was just as delicious)

After lunch, we headed back home!

I hope you enjoyed the second part of my holiday!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Hey guys! This is the first part of my holiday, I went to Cardiff for four days and then to Stratford and this post is about my time in Cardiff. Hope you enjoy!

We arrived in Cardiff after a five hour journey and after a short nap ( not me for once) we went exploring and looking for some dinner. I noticed the quirky buildings and it was only a short walk from our hostel to the centre. We decided to eat in a restaurant called "Las Iganas" which was a Latin restaurant. I had a salad and sorbet and i would really recommend it!

We awoke and ate breakfast in the hostel and then it was up and out to Cardiff Bay and the dr who experience. I adore dr who, and we got to have our own little adventure at the start, running from Darleks and whatnot! We also got to see lots of sets and costumes. I am still waiting to become Dr who companion...

We then had a wander around the bay which was very pretty. We walked past the famous millennium building which was fantastic

There was also a large fair which was lots of fun!me and heather decided to go on the carousel and the pirate fun house.

We then went to get a late lunch/ early tea  in a pie shop, called "Pieminister" and the goats cheese spinach and sweet potato pie I had was delicious! After we continued to walk up and around the Bay before heading home

The weather was not as pleasant as it had been and so after breakfast we wandered around the shops. We slowly made our way to the natural history museum which was very interesting!

We then wandered to the Castle gardens were there was a parade on. We had lunch there and continued to walk around. After this, we did a bit more shopping. I bought two pairs of earrings and a nail polish! Then we went back to the youth hostel and read our books! ( i was reading the Moonstone by Wilkie Collins)

On our last full day here, we travelled fifty minuets to Clifton in Bristol. The weather was beautiful and hot and we walked around looking at all the beautiful shops. Myself and my mum, walked across the famous suspension bridge.

We continued to enjoy the sunshine before heading back to the hostel.

Monday Morning:
On our last Morning of our visit to Cardiff, we went to St Fagans outdoor museum, which is a bit like Beamish if you have ever been there. There were buildings set out to look like they would have back in time and a farm. Additionally there was a fair going on with old games and a large organ.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my time in Cardiff! I will upload the second part of my holiday of my time in Stratford soon!
Lots of Love
Eleanor x