Monday, 12 October 2015

Starting uni properly, mini golf and Scott Mills

Hey guys! This week I have been settling into uni a little bit more, having my first lectures and tutorials and whatnot. although I am waiting for a washing machine to become free which is driving me insane.  I am really loving studying psychology in more depth and I know it's popular so I will do a post about my course over on my main blog at some point.

Anyway, besides my lectures I also had my very first job interview on tuesday. It was scary but I needed to experience. Later on saturday, I had the tryouts which were a bit nervous as I had never worked in a restaurant before and I was not sure what to do. I will update you if I do get the job however if I do not I won't be upset given than this was my first one and it's all good experience.

Tuesday night our flat decided to go adventure mini golfing which was a blast! I love mini golfing but I do get a bit competitive as I have never lost a game and I held the winning title on tuesday too! It was set out as if we were in a jungle, with lots of funny voices.

We had these special tickets which meant we only had to play for a fiver and we got a free drink which you can't go wrong with.

The rest of the week consisted of lectures and talks,getting used to my course and how uni works! On friday my boyfriend came down for the weekend and so did a few of my flat mates friends so we had a very busy flat! We made our own twister by sticking coloured dots to the kitchen floor and using an app which was very funny.
Saturday night we all went out which was great until one of my flatmates got so drunk he passed out and had to be escorted out vomiting which was not fun! Some of my flat mates had to do a 25 min walk home too in the rain just incase he threw up in a taxi. On sunday after having a massive lie in, my boyfriend went home and a few of us went out to "freshers ball" in our fancy clothes. A massive surprise to me was that Scott Mills was the DJ! There was also a casino and slot machines so it was a lot of fun and nice to be in classy clothes for once!

Hope you enjoyed reading this!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x