Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Laser tag, bonfire night and going home for the weekend

Hey guys! This week I have started my IOD ten pound challenge, where I am in a group and the group that uses their ten pounds to make the most money for a cancer research charity wins! My just giving page is in the right hand corner of this blog so if you are feeling generous please donate a pound or more! You can read all about the charity on the page. We have been having meetings to discuss what we want to do in order to raise the money and we have some pretty good ones so far.

On wednesday our flat went to Bella Italia for the five pound student deal. I had spaghetti carbonara and it was delicious.

Afterwards we went to laser quest! It was so much fun as it was just the eight of us in there and we had the whole warehouse to ourselves. For the first game we played in teams and my group beat the other team by a mile. For our second game we played all for one and I came second to last I am afraid to say! It was a lot of fun though.

On thursday night we went out to a bonfire night, it was wet and muddy but it was nice! There were lots of rides their, none of which I went on due to it being a bit expensive (plus I am a massive wimp.)  Just look at that mud!

The fireworks themselves were very pretty however,

On friday I went home to Leeds to see my family. I had a nightmarish journey back but it was nice to see everyone again. On saturday night i went with my boyfriend and his family to his cousins wedding reception which was lovely. My boyfriend comes from quite a large family so there were lots of people there!

On sunday I had a relaxing day and did a bit of work and did some baking which was nice! I have missed being able to bake while being at university so it felt good to be back in the kitchen!

Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Monday, 2 November 2015


Hey guys this week has mainly been about getting things ready for Halloween! I have been really ill this week and so I haven't been able to join in with as much as I would have liked! Nevertheless on Wednesday I found the flat all decorated for Halloween.

On saturday night we went out for the event itself! My boyfriend came over for the weekend so it was lovely to have him here, we dressed up as pirates, Here are some pictures from the night!

Hope you had a good halloween!
Lots of love
Eleanor x