Thursday, 20 August 2015

Scarecrow fest, coffee with friends, new blogs and my sisters birthday

Hey guys! On sunday I went with my family to the scarecrow festival which is in Kettlewell. It's been a few years since I have been and I love it so much. The village get together and make a trial of scarcrows with letters, and when you collect all the letters you have to assemble them into a word. This year the theme was musicals and so there were many clues about musical themed scarecrows that we had to guess then find with their letters. Of course there were many other scarecrows too that the people of the village had made for fun. These were some of my fave!

When we had finished and were thinking about what the musical was from the letters, we stopped in a little cafe and I had a beautiful hot chocolate and a scone with cream and jam!

On Monday, I met up with my gym friend who had been on holiday for two weeks and after yoga we went to costa and had a catch up! We were in there for an hour, long after I had finished my small skinny cinnamon latte (my fave btw.) It was lovely to see him again!
Later on on monday, I set up a new blog! You can find it here and it is a cooking/recipe blog. I also set up an instagram account called littleblogsfromlittlepeople and there is a link to it at the side of this post!

On Wednesday, it was my sisters birthday. We tried out this new fast food healthy eating place which was delicious and I will post a full review on my food blog at some point! I got turkey meatballs and quinoa with courgette noodles and it was so tasty!

 Then later on one of my friends and her sister (who is also best friends with my sister) came round for a rather less healthy Indian takeaway, sleepover and a movie! We watched Kingsman which is one of my fave films it's so funny!
What have you been up to?
Lots of Love
Eleanor x