Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Ikea, clothes haul, afternoon tea and packing

Hey guys! This week has been full of prep for uni and delicious last meals with my boyfriend. On Thurday, I did the infamous trip to Ikea, where I bought all my crockery and utensils for university. I got bowls and plates all matching in pink, face-clothes, peelers, pans, tubs and more useful things.

On Saturday, I went into town to get some extra clothes and essentials. I ended up buying lots of tops from primark which are always handy and useful and a jumper from H&M. In a frenzy of looking though £1 tops, myself my mum and my sister all decided to buy the same snoopy top, which looks a bit like a wheres Wally top!

On Sunday, it was my last time playing my clarinet at my church. It was quite sad but I know I will be back for christmas!
Sunday evening, my boyfriend surprised me by telling me we were going our for tea! I love going to restaurants and we decided to go to Chiquito's which I had never been before. It was really yummy and my sweet potato and bean burrito was amazing! Our desert was lovely too! You can see a review of this on my recipe blog here.

On monday, me and my boyfriend went to have afternoon tea on a little farm near me. It was delicious, we had a lovely selection of sandwiches and cakes and of course my one weakness, a scone with clotted cream and jam! regular readers will know how much I adore afternoon tea, and I have successfully converted my boyfriend.

Wednesday, I packed most of my clothes for university as I move on the 25th. I am scared but excited for uni and the next time I update this blog, it will probably be about freshers week! I may not be posting on here for a while but be prepered for all my uni shenanigans when I do!

Lots of love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Junk food, Band BBQ's and Birthday parties

Hey guys! On Thursday I went round to my friends house for a sleepover. We watched Clueless for the first time and ate lots of yummy (but not exactly healthy) food!

On Saturday, I was invited to my boyfriends "band bbq." That means I have had a BBQ every Saturday for three weeks now! It was lovely even though it rained a lot! I had lots of delicious food, burgers, sausages, chicken, not to mention the lovely brownies that were made by the lead guitarist in my boyfriends band!

On Monday, it was my friends little sister birthday and since my sister and her sister are also friends we always get together to celebrate and have a birthday tea. Rosie choose to have sausage and mash and of course a delicious birthday cake.

On Tuesday, I went with my gym partner to the gym and afterwards we met up with our friend in Costa. I love a good Costa date and it was really nice to see them both before we all go to different universities. I ordered a small skinny cinnamon latte and the falafal salad.

Later on Tuesday I went to see my boyfriend and we decided to go to Meadow Hall in Sheffield for our dinner and to do a bit of shopping. I have only ever been to Meadow Hall once and it always amazes me how big it is! We went to Las Igaunas for our dinner which was amazing, I have recently done a review of it over on my recipe blog which you can see here. It was a really lovely day!

Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Canals, Beer festivals and new makeup

Hey guys! On Saturday me and my boyfriend decided to catch as much as the summer weather as was left as we went for a BBQ at a place called Pocklington canal! It was cold and a bit windy but we managed fine!

All food was brought from Aldi and it tasted amazing!

Sunday morning, I headed into town with my mum and sister. I wanted a few things for uni and I have been considering changing some of my face routine up. I headed to the body shop looking for some products and ended up talking to a really lovely woman in there who not only gave me loads of tester products, but did my makeup for me purely to show me what the concealer looked like on my face! I came away with a new face wash, a concealer and a acne scar serum and plenty of testers! I will be doing lots of reviews soon I think.

I additionally went to WH Smiths to spend my 10 pound voucher. I got a new folder for uni and some dividers which are so useful! I also got a project book which I am going to use to organise and write down all my recipes!

Sunday afternoon, I went with my family to a beer festival! They also had different types of cider which was good for me! The cider was fantastic, I had a toffee apple flavoured one and pasionfruit one! I also tried all the other types including blueberry (which was bright blue!) strawberry and mango.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 3 September 2015

BBQ's, cooking and Golden Acre (again!)

Hey guys! On Saturday I had a lovely evening with my parents, sister, grandad, boyfriend and his parents as we went for a BBQ at Fewston reservoir. I have a lot of happy memories here and this one really added to it. I had lots of yummy food, burger, sausage, chicken skewers, more chicken pieces, salad, hallumi, chocolate cake, butterfly buns and lots of strawberries and grapes! Not to mention lots of hummus and bread sticks and bread!It was lovely to have us all sat around on camping chairs talking about things. It was especially lovely to have my Granddad there whose alzheimer's is getting worse and to include him in our conversations and to see him enjoying the company and the evening and food. Towards the end we had the most beautiful sunset and it was just really special time to be around loads of people I love before I leave for uni, it was really calming.

This week i have also been busy in the kitchen, both baking and cooking, buns, truffles, stir-frys and I hope to sneak in an apple crumble too! You can see all my recipes on my cooking blog at

On Tuesday my friend came round who I had not seen for a few weeks as she had been on holiday! I cooked up a prawn stir-fry and we had a good old gossip and chat about uni stuff!

On Wednesday, me and my boyfriend were dog sitting his sisters dog again and we took him to golden acre which is our fave park. The weather was nice enough and we had a bigger wander this time though the gardens and greenhouses!

Hope you enjoyed,
Lots of love,
Eleanor x