Monday, 29 June 2015

Swimming, Gigging and Spy

Hey guys! I thought I'd fill you in on what I have been up to over the last few days! On Thursday, me and my boyfriend decided to go swimming at my local swimming centre. One of my main goals this summer is to get fitter and healthier (to see my other goals please look at the goals page at the top of this one!) Swimming is such a good way to do this and now I have an active card meaning I don't have to pay at certain times, you are definitely going to be seeing my heading down to the pool a lot more!

On Friday, my boyfriend had a gig and I went to go watch him play at a pub in Halifax. It was good fun as it usually is! He is the drummer in a band called "Lost Meridian" if you want to look them up on facebook, they are honestly very good!

I stayed over at his house overnight and the next morning my parents came and picked me up to my friends where we had a prison break day! I am fast being addicted to this show, it's amazing and so intense. We had a chilled out day in bed watching the show and eating pizza!

On Sunday, I went to nando's with some people from my psychology class and our teacher as a little celebration. It was lots of fun! I had the new Quinoa salad which was delicious.
After this my friends decided we should go to the cinema so we spontaneously went to the cinema. On the way to the cinema, we passed the pattissier I mentioned in a post before, CREAMS which is amazing and my friend new the guy who worked there. He was very kind and gave us a free maccaroon each and oh my goodness they are to die for!

We decided to see Spy at the cinema and it was really funny! I was not sure what to expect but I absolutely loved it! I would really recommend seeing it.

Unfortunately, Sunday night I was sick after having a god-awful pain in my chest which brings us up today and as I am sat here I am feeling very poorly! I honestly think it was something I ate but I am not sure, I hope this passes quickly gah!

I hope you enjoyed finding out what I have been up to lately!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fights up trees, screaming Italian ladies, prison break and outdoor gyms

Hey guys! So over the first few days of my summer holidays I have been up to some quite fun things. First of all on Saturday when I was back from prom and recovering, my cat got into a fight with another cat up a tree. My cat is 16 which is like 90 in cat years but refuses to believe it and keeps getting into fights. I took some rather amusing photos of my mum and the woman who owned the other cat trying to coax them down...
On Sunday it was father day, and for a celebration of that and a celebration of of exams, me and my family went to the Olive Branch in Alwoodley in Leeds for lunch which was absolutely gorgeous! I ate so much I could barely move, it was delicious. This was what my three course meal looked like

Then on Monday, I decided to meet my boyfriend in town for lunch. We went to a place called Pasta Romania in the centre of Leeds. This has quite a reputation as it is owned by a very funny ittalian Lady named Gilda who is famous for playing her opera music and singing along very loudly to it! We both ordered spaghetti and watched as she and her husband fought over whether they were too old or not, it was very funny and very yummy!
The next day, Tuesday I decided to have a chilled out day with my friend and we got into Prison Break! Neither of us had seen it before but we had heard good things about it so we started watching the series. We hope to get through it this holiday, it's very good!

On Wednesday, my boyfriend came round and we played on the eyetoy for a while with my sister. For those of you who don't know, they eyetoy is a playstation "add on" camera where you playgames. A bit like the Xbox does now minus the camera where you interact with the screen and use your hands to press the buttons or to run ect. It was very funny, we have not been on it for ages so it was funny and embarrassing to see all the old pictures that came up on the games! Then me and Luke decided to go to the park since it was a nice day. We walked to it and sat around for a little bit in the park before going on the swings. There is also a new "out door gym" there, with gym equipment all around and so of course we had to try everything out which was a lot of fun. The equipment was honestly not that bad either!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first few days in my summer holidays!
Lots of love
Eleanor x

Saturday, 20 June 2015

My prom 2015!

Hey guys! Technically Yesterday was the first day of my summer holidays and what a great way to start it off with my year 13 leavers prom. The day was very fun although I am rather tired now!

I was picked up by my friend at about three and we went round to my other friends house. There were five girls in total and we all helped each other get ready and get our clothes on and sort our hair out which is always very important. At about five, the four boys came who were also sleeping in their suits and then it was time for pictures!

Then we called three taxies to come and get all of us. I got into the first one with two of my mates, and the other taxi came pretty soon after. Unfortunately the third was a bit late, leaving three of my friends at Ella's house waiting!
Of course the taxi is a great place to take selfies...
When we arrived at prom (which took place in a hotel in Leeds) we milled around a little and caught up with friends. We were then greeted with a three course meal, including tomato soup, chicken in a mushroom sauce and a passion fruit prafit (which i skipped on being too full already!) 

After that it was dancing time, and the DJ played lots of funny songs that were requested such as pina colada which was always a good laugh (even though I lost my earings when I was lifted up and spun round several times by my rather drunk friend.)

When we had had sufficient time, we walked to call lane and went to a club called backroom which was fun and we stayed there untill about half three or four until we called taxis to take us home again (my feet were in agony having been dancing all night.) The nine of us arrived back at Ella's and had a pizza before finally falling asleep!

This morning I have just been at Ellas alseep and finally got home now after a very nutritious breakfast of biscuits brownies and crisps!

And that pretty much sums up my prom night! A lot of dancing, achy feet, four am pizza and the time when I had to pretend to be my friends friend's girlfriend (who I had never met) so he could get into the club.

Hope you enjoyed this!
Lots of love
Eleanor x  

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Exams are over!

Hey guys! This is a new blog I have set up, purposefully to document this summer hence the title! Those who don't know, I am the writer of which I of course will be still posting for on my usual days. but I wanted to start a new one, one where I update everyday (as best as possible!) and update you on what I get up to this summer before I leave for university in September. I hope you decide to follow me and what I get up to in the "summer in between" finishing sixth form and starting university.

So today I had my last exam, it was sociology unit 4 this morning I am so glad it's over with! It's such a relief to be able to be able to get it done with, and luckily it went a lot better than my last sociology exam so fingers crossed! After my exam and delivering biscuits to all my teachers to say thank you, I got the bus into town in order to meet my dad and buy my prom shoes. My prom is tomorrow evening and I've only finally got round to buying my shoes! I got them from new look, and I also got some earrings and some eyelashes. After that, me and dad went for lunch in a little new patisserie in "the Core" in Leeds, it is called CREAMS and I would highly recommend going if you have the chance. The place itself was set out so lovely, with chandeliers and they played instrumental disney music in the background which is always a plus. I think the reason I loved it so much is because it was a mix of indian and western foods too as well as having all the gorgeous little cakes. I ordered a gorgeous hot chocolate and a lemon chicken "naanwitch" with chips which was lovely. After that, it was onto Marks and Spencers to buy some tights and then I got the bus back home!

I am currently sitting in my pjamas listening to Mika and drinking peppermint tea of course having an afternoon of blogging and planning out new blogs!
I hope you decide to join me in this summer and I look forward to uploading on this blog!
Lots of Love,
Eleanor x

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