Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Canals, Beer festivals and new makeup

Hey guys! On Saturday me and my boyfriend decided to catch as much as the summer weather as was left as we went for a BBQ at a place called Pocklington canal! It was cold and a bit windy but we managed fine!

All food was brought from Aldi and it tasted amazing!

Sunday morning, I headed into town with my mum and sister. I wanted a few things for uni and I have been considering changing some of my face routine up. I headed to the body shop looking for some products and ended up talking to a really lovely woman in there who not only gave me loads of tester products, but did my makeup for me purely to show me what the concealer looked like on my face! I came away with a new face wash, a concealer and a acne scar serum and plenty of testers! I will be doing lots of reviews soon I think.

I additionally went to WH Smiths to spend my 10 pound voucher. I got a new folder for uni and some dividers which are so useful! I also got a project book which I am going to use to organise and write down all my recipes!

Sunday afternoon, I went with my family to a beer festival! They also had different types of cider which was good for me! The cider was fantastic, I had a toffee apple flavoured one and pasionfruit one! I also tried all the other types including blueberry (which was bright blue!) strawberry and mango.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love
Eleanor x